Stories and Balloons: An Afternoon with Kalon

  On the sunny winter afternoon of 16th February, Team Kalon set out for Ghonsala Girls Orphanage to spend a day with the young girls there, as part of their plans of grooming and empowering them. They were to leave at 1 pm from SADA, but fate had other plans. A few humble members of NCSC waited for an entire hour before the transport showed … Continue reading Stories and Balloons: An Afternoon with Kalon

Fem-Power – the Return

A subset of roughly 51% of the population is occupied by brave, unsung heroes for whom each day is a battle-Females. You and I are part of this battle just as much as anyone else, as defenders, offenders or as by-standers. A discussion of the struggle of widows demands an acknowledgment of a lack of society‚Äôs support towards these individuals; the absence of sociological safeguards … Continue reading Fem-Power – the Return