Fem-Power – the Return

A subset of roughly 51% of the population is occupied by brave, unsung heroes for whom each day is a battle-Females. You and I are part of this battle just as much as anyone else, as defenders, offenders or as by-standers. A discussion of the struggle of widows demands an acknowledgment of a lack of society’s support towards these individuals; the absence of sociological safeguards … Continue reading Fem-Power – the Return

Footy Mania 2017- A Huge Success!

What is the perception of futsal in your mind? Played by kids? Requires less stamina? Less effort than soccer? Well, that may prove wrong once you have experienced Footy Mania for yourself. Renowned for its nail biting matches and seamless execution each year, Footy Mania requires all of one’s strength, focus and presence of mind to take home the trophy. The fourth annual Footy Mania, … Continue reading Footy Mania 2017- A Huge Success!

The Art of Selflessness

“The Art of Selflessness” by one of our highly esteemed writers, Ishaq Ibrahim : ” If your love is only a will to possess, it is not love.”      – Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist The idea of selflessness is not a contemporary one. It has existed ever since mankind has and persisted to this day. Simply put, selflessness is to be concerned about … Continue reading The Art of Selflessness

One Step Closer to their Dream!

On 3rd April, the sun didn’t rise alone. It rose with many young aspirations, of participants from different schools and colleges who had been invited to a one-of-a-kind event at NUST. They were about to get the ultimate taste of a day in the life of a NUSTian. Students from Westminster, BMI, Torcia Academy and IMCB arrived at the glorious campus of the National University … Continue reading One Step Closer to their Dream!

Footy Mania Fever!

Pounding hearts, echoing in the field. Pools of sweat, accompanying anxious faces. The tension breaks. Suddenly, screams fill the arena. The crowd bursts with cheers and applause. GOAL! Fellow football enthusiasts, did you take a moment to let a glimpse of the field engulf you? Did you inhale deeply? Did you get goosebumps? Get ready for an electric atmosphere, because NUST Community Services Club is … Continue reading Footy Mania Fever!

Eye Camp – Eye, Eye Captain!

Each of us takes for granted the impact of vision. Stop and ask yourself: How powerful a role does vision play in our lives? Let’s try describing a red rose in words: The gentle hues of red intertwine to form the ever vibrant petals – each with a hint of maroon, perhaps even orange. Each petal is a world of colors in itself- with alternating … Continue reading Eye Camp – Eye, Eye Captain!

BDD 2017 – Record-breaking 306 pints collected!

The NUST Medical Center is the place at one of the many edges of NUST, where you go to get yourself checked if you aren’t well. So, obviously, the crowd milling around the Medical Center was a clear sign that either someone with a lot of friends had taken ill, or many people had been involved in an accident and had to be taken to … Continue reading BDD 2017 – Record-breaking 306 pints collected!