Meet the Office Bearers!

The Office Bearers – yes, the people responsible for making sure this family stays organized, focused and motivated!

Read on to find out more about these interesting personalities! 


winter maha.png

Maha Khan


A senior at ASAB, a hardcore Potterhead but most importantly, the Queen Bee of NCSC!
Maha likes to read, loves planning surprises and can spend hours listening to people’s stories. An optimist by nature, she believes in the power of hardwork, good intentions and the strength of kindness.
Maha cannot stand Twilight (which is why we like her ever more). She tends to stress clean (perfectly sughar, is she not?). Though we can’t but adore her humble, soft-spoken self, she wishes she could be more stern in certain situations. Also, she has one of the most inspiring Facebook feeds we have ever come across!
To Maha, NCSC has been a ride unlike any other. It made her into a better writer. It made her realise that at the end of the day, we are all the same people who crave the same things from life, which is why we must always give first what we want for ourselves.  It gave her great memories and friends, helped her emerge out of her shy, and silent comfort zone and ignited a life-long passion for community services. In her own words ‘I really wish every single one of our executives get to experience NCSC like I did!’ Amen to that, Maha!

Her ideology: Be strong enough to be kind!  Kindness requires courage, because you give it first, before seeking sympathy. Somewhere, somehow, it will always leave its mark!


Sarmad Farid

Sarmad Farid

Press Secretary

A senior at SMME, who wants to experience new things all the time and is always on an adrenaline high! Ever-smiling and very easy to talk to, he claims fries are something he can NEVER share with anyone (although knowing the pleasant person that he is, we do have trouble believing that).
Sarmad has some serious skills in sliding down staircase banisters, but it is the football field which truly holds his heart. He doesn’t believe in the phrase ‘get over it’, but really does wish he could start caring about what people think. If given the chance he would travel 500 years into the future, because he believes that would give him a chance to change his present (evidently, he’s also a deep thinker). On a day with nothing to do, he would rather be on a drive with his friends and family, or spend it gaming.
NCSC has taught him everything from professional ethics to valuing individual effort, so much more than he can ever put in words. To Sarmad, it is family and his journey has been life changing!
Life’s motto: ‘Go big or go home’


Azan Akhtar.jpg

Azan Akhtar

General Secretary

A senior at SMME, Azan is a passionate, empathetic person who considers himself an extrovert. He seeks that perfect balance between life, with Islam and the world. He likes to be productive in his spare time, and there is nothing else he’d rather do, than comprehend the message of the Quran (though he does admit to frequent bouts of procrastination).

Azan’s talent lies in making people laugh at his lame jokes, and while he claims to find pet peeves annoying in general, he does have a few of his own: people who complain loudly and unnecessarily, about nothing and everything altogether!  If given the choice between unlimited travel, or unlimited food, he’ll pick travel every time, because “Pait ka to kuch na kuch ho hi jaata hai.”

Azan describes NCSC as a constellation, and its people as the stars in it. NCSC’s greatest lesson for him has been the importance of an effort that is heartfelt. It doesn’t matter how small that effort is, if it brings a smile to a distressed face, then its one more mission accomplished! If NCSC produces even a single individual according to its vision – leaders with life long commitment to community service – he says it’ll warm his heart forever!

Life’s motto : “Insaan kei liye wohi hai jiski wo koshish krta ha!”


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Yousuf Shahid


A senior at SMME, who wants to travel the world, and indulge in everything it has to offer: from interacting with people of various kinds, to trying out the local delicacies. Yousaf believes in giving everything a try, but the one thing he just cannot stand is pineapple pizza. So just a heads up – be careful discussing that when he’s around!

His ultimate adventure would be a road trip to all the places he has ever wanted to go to, with him at the steering wheel. He maintains that no talent is useless, and if you ask, will regale you by producing various sounds out of the ordinary.

Yousaf considers NCSC as a family – one that is full of friends. His time at NCSC has led him on a journey of self discovery: finding where his aptitude lies and figuring out how to overcome his shortcomings. It has provided the opportunity to learn from different people. The one thing he’d like to accomplish with NCSC is impart a sense of social responsibility in each and every student of NUST.

Life’s motto: Keep moving forward and spreading happiness.



Abdullah Anwar

Joint Secretary to General Secretary 

A junior at NICE, Abdullah is a person who is blunt and straightforward, and holds great value for honesty and loyalty. Despite his non-seriousness towards his studies, he finds in himself a passion for photography and football. A party-animal, chai-lover, and a true Lahori, Abdullah’s most important possessions are his friends and family.

Besides that, he is also a self-proclaimed ‘Army brat’, and given the amount of travelling this entails, has developed his own unique perspective on life. He believes that small deeds of kindness can do wonders, and that it is our duty to help all the underprivileged people in our society.

During his time in NUST, NCSC has been pivotal in shaping him into a good communicator and pushing his boundaries, while teaching him the importance of empathizing with the less fortunate people of our society. He passionately wishes that FemPower, one of NCSC’s projects dedicated to women empowerment, is executed in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Life’s motto: Just be yourself!