Meet the Office Bearers!

Read on to find out more about the people at the helm of NCSC this year!


Ishaq Ibrahim 


Ishaq Ibrahim, the man at the forefront of NCSC for this tenure, is a senior at SMME and an aspiring life-long learner who stands out due to his soft-spoken, humble nature.

What makes NCSC stand out, in his opinion, from the other societies he has worked for, is the plethora of opportunities available to give back to the community and the noble intentions driving the NCSC family to do good. In order to create that family atmosphere, his experience tells him that the shorter the communication gap, the better.

One trait he wishes to adopt, and which he appreciates in others, is the ability to voice opinions when it matters without a fear of consequences. On the other hand, he disapproves of too much disorderliness, making sure that he keeps at least his space in his hostel room clean. When life gets too tough, Ishaq enjoys putting his phone aside and getting lost in his thoughts or a good book for a while to recharge his batteries.

When asked to choose between reflecting on the past, living in the present or planning for the future, Ishaq quotes the timeless wisdom put forth by Master Oogway, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present,” further elaborating that the way a man spends his day determines how he will live his life.

In short, Ishaq would describe his journey so far in the following words:

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me, there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus


Mahnoor Fatima

Press Secretary

Mahnoor Fatima is a bright senior at ASAB with a brighter smile and an insatiable desire for breaking stereotypes and hot chocolate!

Our Press Secretary found her calling in NCSC because her heart found peace in serving those in need, and finding the right people with the same passion to work with was key to building the NCSC she envisioned. NCSC taught her how to work with all kinds of people, helping her grow in the process. She aims to become a role model for young girls in balancing worldly and religious affairs and empowering the downtrodden to raise their voices for their rights.

Mahnoor loves reading books, talking to her mother and gazing at the night sky to rejuvenate herself for the next hurdle. She appreciates humility, a good sense of humor, and the ability to engage in pseudo-intellectual conversation, and one habit she would like to work on is of managing time properly. However, the things that tick her off constitute a list too long to mention here. Some of those things include negative vibes, a holier-than-thou attitude and bad grammar.

With a drive to treasure the present moment in order to take decisions no-one has taken, Mahnoor aims to set a trail with her work. Her path is best described by the verse:

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I,

I took the one less traveled by.

And that has made all the difference.”

– Robert Frost


Abdullah Anwar 

General Secretary

A senior at NICE, Abdullah is one of those rare persons who have known about the club since its foundation was laid and has a clear perspective of what went into making NCSC one of the biggest student bodies at NUST.

For him, NCSC is nothing less than a family and a very special one at that; a family which has given him friends to cherish and respectable mentors who were pivotal in shaping him into what he is today. He believes that what make NCSC special are the people who put their heart and soul into their work for the cause and prioritize it more than anything.

Being a true Lahori, Abdullah likes to live in the present and a constant supply of tea is what helps him do that. He appreciates others’ honesty and their commitment towards something, and he’ll always be there helping others without any return (which we can testify), because for him, the gratitude and respect he earns for helping out another person is the greatest achievement.

Being the general secretary of one of the biggest student bodies at NUST sure takes a toll and after all the hard work, a group of friends and a peaceful place help him unwind and refresh. However, he constantly aims to be better than who he was yesterday and makes sure his growth is continuous.

Sharing the biggest lesson he’s learnt at NCSC, he revealed that “Posts and designations don’t matter; what matter are your morals and your attitude towards the people around you.”


Ahmad Daniyal


Ahmad Daniyal a.k.a. our beloved AD Bhai is a senior at SMME and the person behind NCSC’s accountability system that is keeping it on track for further progress.

Ahmad has found volunteers with sheer dedication to community service during his time at NCSC, which has inspired him to help out in whatever capacity he can, despite holding office. Being the reason behind someone’s happiness has motivated him through these years to continue serving the less fortunate. The biggest lesson he has learned is that of remaining grounded and not holding back from assisting with little odds and ends even whilst assuming leadership.

Patience with seemingly irrational people is something Ahmad appreciates in those who possess this quality, and more open communication with those near to him is what he would like to work on. On the other hand, being fond of food, Ahmad does get put off by poor customer service at eateries, which had better not make the mistake of serving his fries with ketchup!

When the going gets too rough, he loves taking an evening off with friends at dinner, and a trip home on the weekend also does the trick of helping him relax. A man engrossed in the present, always looking for opportunities to do better and living without regrets, Ahmad looks forward to this next adventure!