Smile for a While (2016)

It was about 4:00 pm on 24th December, 2016; the typical wintered Islamabad turned chilly as the sun set in the horizon, allowing other elements of nature to take over. Just as the horizon was about to fade to black, however, the lights being lit at the SOS Children Village overpowered this darkness. Bright kids in micro fashion gave a hard competition to the well-dressed … Continue reading Smile for a While (2016)

Blindfolded Wall Climbing

The morning sun shone bright and clear upon the participants clustered together around the wall climbing segment of the Ibex Club, Lakeview Park. They gathered together with a sense of anticipation, and eagerly awaited the beginning of the event. Among them were ten members of the Pakistan Paraclimbing Club, visually impaired individuals who would be climbing alongside the students in a true show of determination … Continue reading Blindfolded Wall Climbing

Return to Aghosh Orphanage

17th December, 2016, marked the day when 14 exuberant NCSC members set off to visit the tiny humans over at Aghosh Orphanage, Rawalpindi, after a complete year. Bursting with high spirits, all the members assembled at SEECS parking in the morning, and were on their way to the orphanage by 10 a.m. We arrived at the orphanage at about 11 a.m. Our arrival was greeted … Continue reading Return to Aghosh Orphanage

SOS Cricket Challenge

The Sun had not yet risen up to the horizon when a group of children aged between ten and nineteen, belonging to the SOS Village gathered in the ground next to the School Of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME), welcomed by students from NUST. Purpose? To play cricket. The SOS Cricket Challenge was organized by the NUST Community Services Club on Saturday, December 10, 2016. … Continue reading SOS Cricket Challenge

Youth Mobilization campaign-Visit to NUST of students from different universities of Balochistan.

On Thursday, 29th September, a heartfelt attempt at bridging the gap between the Capital and Balochistan was made as a group of students from the south were invited to NUST. The participants, including 176 delegates from Balochistan, added diversity to the audience and lined the seats inside Jinnah Auditorium. This was surely a rare, colourful sight to see. What soon followed was an informational video … Continue reading Youth Mobilization campaign-Visit to NUST of students from different universities of Balochistan.

Abdul Sattar Edhi: 1928- Forever

08-07-2016- The day when the country was yet again shaken by a great loss as Mr. Faisal Edhi announced the death of his father, Mr.Abdul Sattar Edhi, the country’s most respected philanthropist. The nation went into immediate mourning and social media lit up with heartfelt tributes to the man who changed lives of thousands. But who was Edhi? He was known by many names; Angel … Continue reading Abdul Sattar Edhi: 1928- Forever

NCSC Al-Qalam Project

When discussing the crisis that the present world is in we often think of bringing about change. My question is: how exactly are we planning to do that? Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. Well, given the current education system in Pakistan, some questions often knock at one’s door to conscience: are we empowering … Continue reading NCSC Al-Qalam Project