Saving the Day, One Pint at a Time!

By Khadija Asad NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) just concluded their second Blood Donation Drive of the year, on Friday, December 7th. The four-day event was the biggest ever organized by NCSC yet, with a record-breaking turnout of donors and a whopping 552 pints collected, breaking last time’s record of 502 pints! Unlike all previous BDDs, this time the Drive was held in collaboration with … Continue reading Saving the Day, One Pint at a Time!

Tale of a ‘Magical’ Day

by Numrah Malik “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight OKM Boeing A189 with service from NUST to Aghosh Al-Khidmat Orphanage. It’s 09:55 AM and we are currently first in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air in approximately five minutes time. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and adjust your seats to the upright position for … Continue reading Tale of a ‘Magical’ Day

Sharing the NUSTian Experience: NCSC Visits LGS Wah

It was a chilly Thursday morning, when a team of members from the NCSC family set out for Wah together. After an unexpectedly long drive, they finally reached Lahore Grammar School in the very immaculate Wah Cantt. The team was divided in three cars. However, in this race to their destination (quite literally a race, courtesy of some very enthusiastic Uber drivers), there was one … Continue reading Sharing the NUSTian Experience: NCSC Visits LGS Wah

The Superhero in You!

By Mahnoor Qureshi “I keep telling you, your brother needs O- blood. We’re trying our best here. HELP US FIND A DONOR!” screams a frustrated nurse at the old dupatta-clad woman in front of her. The nurse realizes her patient is in a dire state; by the senior doctor’s estimate, the man may not make it through the night. His sister – apparently a Punjabi … Continue reading The Superhero in You!

A Trip Down Wonder Lane

By Jasim Ahmad It was a chilly Saturday morning as the whole team gathered in the SEECS parking lot at 10 in the morning. There was a buzz of chatter as the team members conversed with each other while embarking on yet another promising journey, bolstering the bonds. Even though our destination wasn’t as close to NUST as we would’ve liked, the time literally flew … Continue reading A Trip Down Wonder Lane

Awareness for a Healthier Pakistan

by Khadija Asad The Kidney Health Awareness Camp was held in C1 canopy (facing SADA) on 7th November, organized by NCSC in collaboration with Pakistan Kidney Patients Association (PKPA), a non profit organization aiming to reduce kidney diseases by spreading awareness in the general public and providing free consultation and treatment. The camp offered a lecture on kidney health and free consultation by a healthcare … Continue reading Awareness for a Healthier Pakistan

Lost in Bloom: More than a Play

By Sana Shafiq The bustling C1 was immersed in zest, soft hues of pink and an eager crowd on 31st October; all to raise awareness about the malady of Breast Cancer among the students of NUST. It was organized under Fempower, the flagship project of NCSC. Before the event day, a stall was set up in C1 to distribute pink ribbons – the international symbol … Continue reading Lost in Bloom: More than a Play