I am NCSC- ‘Assi NCSC Aan’

One of the most awaited events for the NCSC family are the ‘I am NCSC’ gatherings, the purpose of which is to give the members a chance to know each other and grow a special bond. The most recent installment in this series took place on Thursday,  1st March 2018, and was hosted by the teams Publications and M and PR. Taking the awesomeness a … Continue reading I am NCSC- ‘Assi NCSC Aan’

It is time to Rise!

Talking of women brings 51 percent to our minds. But doesn’t this term “woman” prompt anything about our oblivious minds? Are we aware of these non-existent social safeguards and such ‘ultra-modern’ hatreds cladded in humiliation that we inflict on these already-broken souls? The ages old, overtly aggravated portrayal of a woman: sobbing, fretting for help, left at the mercy of seemingly vicious world around, stranded … Continue reading It is time to Rise!

Still I Rise!

Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” And while those may seem very simple words, they carry a very important message, a message that needs to be conveyed to the masses. The word ‘everyone’ is reinforced by Article 1 of the same declaration: “All human beings are born free and equal … Continue reading Still I Rise!

Stories and Balloons: An Afternoon with Kalon

  On the sunny winter afternoon of 16th February, Team Kalon set out for Ghonsala Girls Orphanage to spend a day with the young girls there, as part of their plans of grooming and empowering them. They were to leave at 1 pm from SADA, but fate had other plans. A few humble members of NCSC waited for an entire hour before the transport showed … Continue reading Stories and Balloons: An Afternoon with Kalon

Stepping in the Shoes of the Unseeing

Rays of sunlight permeating through the haze, struggling to dominate the atmosphere: it was a typical winter morning towards the end of December. But  something special for all adventurous souls was coming up; the event “Blindfolded Wall Climbing” was scheduled for this day! Climbing, besides being a basic human instinct, helps in overcoming the fears and challenges by testing one’s limits. This year’s contest was … Continue reading Stepping in the Shoes of the Unseeing

Rebuilding Sindh: One Book, One Pump at a Time

In today’s society, it is difficult to find someone around us who does not criticize the government, the politicians, and the entire system of Pakistan for the state that it has left the country in, and for its failure to improve the conditions of the country’s populace. And yet, it is difficult to find someone putting in personal effort to contribute to improving the living … Continue reading Rebuilding Sindh: One Book, One Pump at a Time