I am NCSC- ‘Assi NCSC Aan’

One of the most awaited events for the NCSC family are the ‘I am NCSC’ gatherings, the purpose of which is to give the members a chance to know each other and grow a special bond.

The most recent installment in this series took place on Thursday,  1st March 2018, and was hosted by the teams Publications and M and PR. Taking the awesomeness a notch further, the theme for the event called for the desification of the art of cosplaying.

To get everyone up on their feet and running, Publications kicked off the meet up with a Scavenger Hunt, very carefully planned by the DDs, complete with rhyming clues. Over the course of this hunt, the participating teams acquired newfound appreciation for some of the trademark places in NUST. As the game progressed, team members frantically tried to search the designated guides with their clues to the right places; upon spotting, they went gaga- shouting from far away ‘Pakro issay!

(Bonus: If you couldn’t make it to the party, we’ve included two clues, just to give you a taste of the Treasure Hunt, can you guess what they could be?)

‘What’s that whirring sound,

There’s nothing around,

With so much around,

Wonder where I might be found?’


‘I used to have some substance,

But now I’ve just gone dry,

And so many scholars pass by me,

And yet, no one wonders why?’

In the end, Team C made it to the final destination before everyone else. They even managed to decipher the very misleading ‘SEECS’ clue which was the source of a lot of confusion. We also heard reports of their defeat being blamed on an innocent Publications executive, who claimed he was just doing his job.

Staying true to their promise, the organizers awarded the winning team with ‘Jewels’ (yes, the pretty boxed chocolates, because we never lie about ‘Treasure’) Café’ 309 was chosen as the place for the gathering, where M and PR had arranged for a free barbeque, though this wasn’t revealed until the very moment of the meet up. The planned spontaneity was a source of stirring excitement.  (We also managed to spot a few wandering executives who were sighted only as the food came out, but we’re not complaining!)

Winners of the Treasure Hunt!


Amongst the more prominent desi cosplayers were the President and GS,  Maha and Azan. Everyone got worried when they couldn’t find Maha for the group photo. There was one rumor in particular that got circulated really fast; ‘the possible abduction of Georgie by Pennywise’.

Our very own Georgie!

Meanwhile, Azan managed to scoop up the award for the best costume with his Desi Cupid attire, with a prop which read ‘Just Married”, that put every cheesy Pakistani hero to shame.  A surprising number of enthusiastically dressed up members like the desified versions of Maleficent, Dobby the Elf and a black sunglasses clad Dare Devil were also seen. All of them had something interesting to bring to the stage.

Desi Cupid
(from left to right) Desified Hobbit, ‘Bat-Man’ (a man who carried a bat, it was a pun), Tommy Shelby, Bad Girl (from Gujurat) and Dobby the Elf

The food was was enjoyed as the humorous confessions and questions were read out loud. There were more than a hundred responses, which covered every little detail that bothered any NCSC member ever- or so it seemed. We heard talk of questionable email ids, pleas like ‘saans lay lo bhai’, questions like ‘masla kia hai apka’, ‘Kabhe kisi makhi ko bhe nuqsan pohanchaya hai apnay?’,  ‘shodhi kyun hain ap’ ‘kab insan bano gay’, ‘ why so cute?’,‘kia roag hai bhai?‘, requests for lame riddles, farewell messages, those of appreciation ‘You da best prezi’, ‘ you are so adorable’, ‘candids ache leti hain sir’, random observations, ‘dar sa lagta hai apsay’, ‘inko men pasand hun’ , ‘bohat tez bolti hain’,’saru insan’, and so much more! How wildly popular the session became, was a sweet little achievement in itself.



The strong winds didn’t sway the delight that the moment carried. The evening ended on a high note, with a struggle to get the whole of the team in one frame and to capture the awe-inspiring skies above! And that was the essence of ‘I am NCSC’-! We tried to capture it, but really, if you weren’t there, you wouldn’t know!


Mehreen Shabbir

Mahnoor Fatima


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