Stories and Balloons: An Afternoon with Kalon


On the sunny winter afternoon of 16th February, Team Kalon set out for Ghonsala Girls Orphanage to spend a day with the young girls there, as part of their plans of grooming and empowering them. They were to leave at 1 pm from SADA, but fate had other plans. A few humble members of NCSC waited for an entire hour before the transport showed up, while others conveniently appeared only when they knew it had arrived- and they were off!

After a long trip to the orphanage, the team stood waiting outside, many jumping to conclusions and declaring nobody would let them in. Fortunately, the gate sprung open and they entered to find that the girls were having lunch. A cheeky SMM executive inquired if she could join them, because the long wait had made her awfully hungry- alas, her request was ignored.

The day’s activities kicked off after the girls sat in a circle, and all the volunteers surrounded them. A big bag of bright yellow balloons was opened and everyone was given one to blow up, and tie to their leg. The air was filled with excitement, with one balloon after the other coming into existence (a few of which left the world too soon). President NCSC’s camera was also in attendance, handled by the PS and GS in turns, both of whom tried their best to capture awkward moments, a feat nobody let them succeed in.

Waiting to hear what they were going to do

Once everyone was in position, the game began. There was shuffling, attempts at running, squeals of joy and panic at getting? caught. There were A LOT of blasts. In the end, our PS, who was standing on the side capturing pictures, was the only one left with an intact balloon – which, upon realising, he tried to save frantically as the young girls tried to burst it.


The second activity involved the art of creating and telling stories. A word bank was given to the girls, who were divided in groups, each with a council member assigned to it. They brainstormed and tried to make stories that included the maximum number of words from the bank AND made sense, such that they would read as fun, interesting pieces.

The word bank

The girls narrated, and volunteers put them down on paper. We also hear that a certain Director was found out to have the worst Urdu penmanship that NCSC has seen these many years *cough* *publications* *cough*. It was a race against time, there was furious narrating and writing, until the time was up! PS NCSC, was spotted quickly writing down the story all on his own, after which he proudly claimed ‘WE are done’ (his team members were nowhere to be seen).IMG_0974.JPG


The stories were read aloud. NCSC council members, the generous sponsors of the stories, felt a certain degree of competition with their peers. There was friendly banter, extra cheering on stories for their own team. Comments like

Iska climax kahan hai?’
Yeh story puri plagiarised hai
Humari copy karni ki kia zarurat thi
were on the rise. (Treasurer, GS NCSC we’re looking at you)

Reading aloud their stories

DD Marketing’s story also won a silent ‘shortest-story-which-lasted-for-two-lines’ award, but in his defence, that was only one of the TWO stories they wrote. Well, okay.

Everyone laughed, clapped and enjoyed themselves immensely. It was getting late so the event heads, Tasmia Irshad and Wajiha Zafar, decided they’d call it a day. Everyone said their goodbyes, promised to be back again and headed towards NUST, pleased with how the day had turned out in the end.


Mahnoor Fatima


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