Stepping in the Shoes of the Unseeing

Rays of sunlight permeating through the haze, struggling to dominate the atmosphere: it was a typical winter morning towards the end of December. But  something special for all adventurous souls was coming up; the event “Blindfolded Wall Climbing” was scheduled for this day!

Climbing, besides being a basic human instinct, helps in overcoming the fears and challenges by testing one’s limits. This year’s contest was organized by NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) in collaboration with the Para Climbing Club of Pakistan (PCC) and Red Bull and ARY as the lead sponsors of the event. Blindfolded Wall Climbing is not just limited to being a captivating activity, it is much more. It aims to create a sense of solidarity with the visually-impaired, to help participants ‘see’ life from a different perspective, which is what makes it one of NCSC’s most awaited events.


The IBEX Adventure Club wall at Lake View Park, Islamabad, was ready to witness the contest for which  many enthusiastic participants had gathered round. The event kicked off with a brief introduction of PCC and its activities, followed by a warm up session under the supervision of experts. A highly competitive qualifying round was organized to shortlist the top ten climbers. The climbers gave their best shots, but unfortunately, a few stumbled in the way and missed their chance of making it to the final round. To the climbers’ joy, a refreshment session was arranged after the qualifying round. The top ten climbers were all set to comptete for the top slot! The qualifying round had set the bar high; it was a contest of best among the best!


All eyes were set on the final round, and it was as enthralling as one could expect! After a fierce round, Sarmad Farid, Vice President NCSC, managed to grab the top slot with a record breaking time of 22.5 seconds! The winners were then commended for their efforts and all participants were awarded with certificates. Everyone went home with renewed spirits, of having spent a day full of energy, sports and returned more grateful than ever after experiencing firsthand the trials and tribulations of those without sight.



Muhammad Awais Sultan


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