One for 2018


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Let’s Make Some New Resolutions!


The world around me is not as bright as it used to be,

Not as fulfilling, not as happy.

People take their things for granted,

And don’t give back to society.


The world around me used to be filled with love,

As we tried to please the one up above.

But now we don’t even try to smile,

We tend to be crows, when we should be doves.


We tend to not care, when we really should.

We tell lies spreading real falsehood.

And we continue doing all of this,

Even though we have so much potential to be good.


We can help the poor and the unfortunate,

We can help the world, doesn’t matter if it’s by a bit.

We have the ability to do so with our fortune,

Which is why we should take a stand and say, “This is it.”


“This is it, we won’t stand for this much longer.

Donate to the poor and help them get stronger.

Educate them to help them get smart,

Because in that lies real honor.


Build up the city in which we were born.

Build up the community that we can call our own,

Because the world around me is an amazing place,

And it will always be always be our home!


 Faraz Farooqui



Let’s Pledge to Give Way!

Almost everyday while going to school, I face a situation where an ambulance is stuck in the traffic, honking, and struggling to find a way through. This shows the dilapidated state of morality in our society. It is often heard, that you cannot understand one’s feelings unless you step into one’s shoes. The same applies here. We cannot feel the state of trauma faced by the patient and the attendants present in the ambulance stuck amid traffic, until we face the same situation ourselves.

Yes, there is a positive side of the story as well. There are numerous organizations and individuals working on building awareness among the people regarding the importance of giving way to ambulances e.g the International Committee on the Red Cross.

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Courtesy: Saira Latief, Freelancer

But while efforts need to be made at the government level in terms of legislation and law enforcement on this issue, a lot can be done by the public itself. We need to change the way we think. Whenever we hear an ambulance’s sound, we need to think of it as it were one of our friends seeking our help. Our actions can do wonder. Let us pledge to give way to the ambulances. Let us play our part in reducing the sufferings from our society!

Muhammad Awais Sultan



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Living in Illusions: Let’s Reflect


What glorious bounties are hidden in this land,

Which God has created with His own hand,

Man is not aware of the beauties that lie,

In between the heaven and earth,

Time is but an illusion and so is death,

She freezes every soul but Alas never stops,

Sometimes Azazel makes us act on impulses,

Things which we regret all our lives,

But in the end our fate,

Is decided by His hand.

Faizan Rashid




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