Letters Float Away in OKM’s Second Visit

Wide smiles, excited yells, and exuberant children running about – once again OKM’s visit began with a frenzy of activity.

That excitement only heightened when they were presented with their first activity: modeling a sculpture using clay. Keeping in mind their fondness for the roof, the children were divided into groups of two or three among the volunteers and then taken there. Seated on mats, with an array of colors at hand, and the wide, open sky as the limit for their creativity, the kids made different sculptures – some made as many as they could, while others kept redesigning their existing ones.

The next activity was perhaps the cornerstone of this year’s OKM. Files were given to each volunteer for the children assigned to them. Inside were instructions on specific questions to ask about the sculpture. Using their responses and their own words, the volunteers were able to help them construct beautiful poems about their models. These files were labeled with their names and then saved for analysis. 


The final activity for this visit consisted of the children writing a letter to their best friends. While most were not very enthusiastic about the letter writing part, tying those letters to the helium balloons and sending them off into the world certainly seemed to be the most favorite moment of the day.

Even with minor setbacks such as the letters unable to float, and dozens of children all clamoring for the same balloons, the day ended with smiles, laughter and cheers.

Marrium Mansoor



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