A Day Out in the Park with Little Heroes

Spirits were sky-high on Sunday, the 19th of November, when a team consisting of over 25 individuals of NCSC’s project ‘Orphans Know More’ took off from NUST.  On the way to the orphanage, there was excitement, enthusiasm and a very positive energy lingering in the air as the team cracked jokes and bonded in the bus.

Upon arriving at the orphanage, we noticed a small minibus taking off and realized that the minibus was full of the children we had planned to meet! Apparently, they were on their way to a park. Hence, it was decided that we weren’t going to visit them at the orphanage anymore… we were going to go visit them at the park instead!

OkM is always full of warmth and compassion.

After reaching the park, we got off, unloading as quickly as possible. We rushed along to meet up with the children and divided ourselves into groups accordingly. Some of us played tag while others played catch-catch. We engaged the young ones in photoshoots, hand painting sessions and football. Some members also managed to take some of the children to the zoo nearby. Most of the children, however, seemed to enjoy playing football the most as we kicked the ball and chased each other around the field as laughter filled the air.


A familiar sight: bonding at OkM


The day proceeded as such until it was finally time for lunch. This was when members really got a chance to sit down with the children and converse with them. The children talked about their dreams while the members told them about their own.  They talked about what they wanted to do with their lives. Some wanted to be engineers and some wanted to go into the military. The most heartwarming response I personally heard was when they said they wanted to be heroes. If only they knew that they were already heroes in our eyes!


Their want to contribute to society despite the circumstances really spoke for itself. Their want to protect loved ones really reminded us of our responsibilities as humans. However, what caught our attention the most was their generosity. They offered their own food multiple times to team members. They offered to feed us with their own hands, insisting on feeding us personally until we gave in!  How beautiful and pure are the hearts of these children; they really do want to make the world a better place!


Deep in conversation with the little ones

After eating with the children and getting to know them, it was, unfortunately, time to go. We got ready to leave but our new friends swarmed around us, clinging to some of us and asking us to stay longer! So we gave them our phone numbers and asked them to contact us any time they needed someone to talk to.

After packing up, we got on the bus, this time quietly; everyone contemplating the things they learnt that day. We were all taught lessons that day that we would keep with ourselves throughout our lives. It was an experience we would never forget. That day we were reminded that there are people out there that we can make happy. There are people we can make smile. That day we were reminded of why we joined NCSC and that orphans really do know more!


Faraz Farooqui


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