OKM Begins Once More

A project that started just over two years ago, Orphans kNOw More (or OKM as it is affectionately known) aims to bring care, love and guidance into the lives of those children who are deprived of it the most- orphans. And looking at those children now, after fortnightly visits spread over the span of two years, you can see the visible difference.

The first visit of this year was conducted on 5th November 2017. Its purpose- to let the new council members familiarize themselves with OKM, as well as introduce them to the challenges (and joys) of working with children filled with seemingly endless energy.

Each and every trip that OKM conducts, consists of activities designed with specific purposes from giving the children outlets for expressing themselves, to helping them develop basic skills they will undoubtedly need ahead of them.

The activities conducted in this particular trip included reading out small children’s books to improve their reading skills, help them learn new words and assist them in developing their imagination. 

Storybook Reading

The second activity planned was designed to add some fun into revising multiplication tables. Consecutive numbers were written on flashcards that were then taped to successive steps on the staircase. The children were told to then go to the specific number in a table, like two multiplied by three and so on. The last activity planned was to encourage the children to express themselves more freely so that it would diminish their frustration and help them self-analyze both their shortcomings as well as their good qualities.

The volunteers were assigned groups of three children to conduct the activities with. After the activities, the newly minted ‘OKM Move’ was performed to the utmost delight of the children, and thus ended OKM’s first visit – with everyone revitalized, re- and ready to face everything this upcoming year brings. 

OKM Move



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