New Beginnings at NCSC!

With the beginning of a new academic year at NUST, came new vibrant minds, all set to paint the world with the spectrum of their own colors! To help them materialize their dreams, NUST Community Services Club gave them a chance to become a part of its council.

Known for its dedicated student body, selfless commitment for its cause, and the wondrous ability to make things fun, NCSC is undoubtedly the liveliest club of NUST! Hence, it is usually the first preference of many young aspirants. The Recruitment Drive 2017, was thus conducted to change their lives forever!



It all began when two industrious members of NCSC, Junaid Ahmed and Farooq Khan, undertook its headship, vowing to make it bigger and better than ever! With the help of a large organizing committee, online and ground marketing was started for the promotion and announcement of the official dates for the Drive. Registration began on 18th September, and continued till 1st October, 2017.

An Information Session was also conducted for interested individuals who wanted to know more about NCSC. Pictured above: Press Secretary, NCSC.


The interview sessions for all the portfolios kicked off on 25th September, and were conducted at various locations, including the Concordias, SMME and Administration buildings. In an air full of tension and noise, candidates showed up with heavily pounding hearts, for an opportunity that not only gave them a glimpse of professional life, but also an experience worth remembering!

A glimpse from the Interviews Phase


Unlike others, the diligent directorate of NCSC looks beneath the surface, so you don’t necessarily have to be a master to get selected! Rather, passion and enthusiasm count just as much, and any expertise that you may have certainly helps your case! The office bearers and directors left no stone unturned during this process, to facilitate the interviewees in the best way possible, and helping them feel at ease!

“Most of the questions really made me think twice about my preparation. It wasn’t like some other mainstream interview when you already know most of the expected questions. It surely was one heck of a learning opportunity!” said a student, when asked about his experience.

Director Social Media and Marketing interviewing an applicant


The drive concluded on 6th October, following the walk-in interview sessions, where students from all over the university were invited to participate, regardless of the submission status of their application forms. The turnout did exceed expectations, with a startling number of responses. A whopping figure of around 1200 applicants recorded for this year made everyone’s efforts worthwhile!

Basically the response of everyone in the the Recruitment Drive’s OC! Congratulations to all of them!


For now, hopes are high, and a thrilling suspense prevails among the students as they are waiting for the results. NCSC wishes them all the best for what is to come!


Muhammad Abdullah


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