7 things you can do for your country right from home

This Independence Day,
Don’t ask what this country has done for you, ask what you can do for this country!”

  1. Plant a tree

But don’t forget to water it.



  1. Tend to the minority

Remind them that they are our brothers, and Pakistan is as much theirs as any other Pakistani National’s. Choose any medium you can, but make sure they see it.




  1. Share Pakistan’s positive image with your international friends

Share pictures of the scenic beauty we have or the delicious food or the mass scale social work Pakistani’s do. Highlight the positive! We have a lot of it.

(Gwadar Port)





  1. Donate to some trusted NGO, online

It can be Rs.100/- even.
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital

SOS Village Pakistan


  1. Help someone set up a business

For sure, you know a needy person. Buy her/him a Sewing machine. Doesn’t cost more than Rs. 4500. Paint it in our Flag’s colour for a plus.



  1. Adopt some child’s school education fee by donating just Rs.100/- per month! 

Yes! You can do that. NUST Community Service Club’s Al-Qalam Program currently has 101 children studying in schools. You can also adopt a child by donating Rs. 100/- per month ONLY!!

Here’s all you need to know about it:


  1. Motivate someone else to do the same
    No matter if it is just through social media or talking to your best friend, but do it yourself first!




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