Footy Mania 2017- A Huge Success!

What is the perception of futsal in your mind? Played by kids? Requires less stamina? Less effort than soccer? Well, that may prove wrong once you have experienced Footy Mania for yourself. Renowned for its nail biting matches and seamless execution each year, Footy Mania requires all of one’s strength, focus and presence of mind to take home the trophy.

The fourth annual Footy Mania, based on league format, was organized from 12th-14th April. Teams from different institutes and renowned football clubs competed to give their hundred percent on the field, to become the champion of the best futsal event of the twin cities. Kicking off one cloudy evening at the lively C-1 Complex, the limelight of the Footy Mania attracted a handsome crowd of football lovers. The very first game signaled off the rest of the teams about the level of competition that this tournament had to offer. Along with the stalls from food sponsors, the lively music added to the energy of the ground.

As Footy Mania 17’ inched further, the matches got even more interesting and tough, as well as intriguing for the spectators, thus pulling off more of the crowd. On the last day, most of the matches went into penalty stages, and the final decisions were made even after several penalties. Though everyone tried hard and competed well, only Gucci FC and Highlanders were the ones who made it to the final. The final was itself a treat to watch. At the end of the 30 minute play, the score was 3 each, thus going off for penalties where Gucci FC came strong to win the final and proclaim itself the champion of the Biggest Futsal Event of Twin Cities.

The Grand Finale was preceded by the awards ceremony, graced by the presence of DD Admin NUST, DD Hostels, DD C & M NUST. The winning team were awarded Rs. 25,000/- while the runner up was awarded with Rs. 10,000/-. Murtaza from Highlanders got the High Scorer Nike Shoes. Ground Staff and Referees were given tokens of appreciation. Generated Profit from the event was donated to the Endowment Fund, which sponsors College education of Needy students at NUST.

From arranging anticipated matches to making sure that everything was on schedule and being there from 3 in the afternoon to 2 in the night, all had been managed by the 3 Event Heads, Muhammad Uzair Sajjad, Abdullah Anwar and Muhammad Nauman Saeed working in collaboration with the entire Organizing Committee of Footy Mania 17’.


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