One Step Closer to their Dream!

On 3rd April, the sun didn’t rise alone. It rose with many young aspirations, of participants from different schools and colleges who had been invited to a one-of-a-kind event at NUST. They were about to get the ultimate taste of a day in the life of a NUSTian.


Students from Westminster, BMI, Torcia Academy and IMCB arrived at the glorious campus of the National University of Sciences and Technology; a step towards the university of their dreams. The diligent organising committee had been working months before the event to ensure everything ran smoothly. Finally, their hard work was about to pay off.

Students started pouring in the SMME Seminar Hall. Following the recitation of the Holy Quran, there was a motivational talk by Darashik Abbas, inspiring the audience to explore their passion and build a career around it. Next, Syed Basir Raza, walked them through the tips and tricks for acing the NET. Lastly, Khurram Javed informed them about the dynamics of life at NUST.


The students were offered refreshments, after which they made their way to the first ever ‘Schools Fair’ at NUST. They voiced their concerns, inquired about the degree programs they were aiming for and availed this excellent opportunity to hear the inside story from the representatives of the schools at NUST.

Soon after, the students assembled into the groups that had been assigned to them in accordance with the preferences asked at the time of registration. One group visited SMME, NICE and SEECS. Another one opted for SMME, SCME and SEECS. The third went to NBS, S3H and TICS. They visited the major labs and workshops in each of these institutions. They also toured around the many schools, cafes, hostels and other significant buildings at NUST.  Everyone was awestruck with the campus grandeur and many expressed their wish to walk those paths, one day.


To mark the end of a long, productive day, students made their way to the Headquarters of NUST. Here, groups posed for pictures and claimed that the day was a giant success. As the sun set, spirits were renewed and firm resolves to do better, rose higher. Many a soul fell asleep with tired legs, but starry eyes to dream of a day when they would enter the gates of NUST, and call it home.

With that, NUST Community Services Club would like to commend the tireless efforts of Umer Sadiq, Ahmed Yar and Humna Bilal and congratulate them on the execution of a very successful, Experience NUST 2017!



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