Eye Camp – Eye, Eye Captain!

Each of us takes for granted the impact of vision. Stop and ask yourself: How powerful a role does vision play in our lives? Let’s try describing a red rose in words: The gentle hues of red intertwine to form the ever vibrant petals – each with a hint of maroon, perhaps even orange. Each petal is a world of colors in itself- with alternating shades of the same color creeping across its rich surface. Do you think we’ve done justice to the rose? Of course not – an accurate description of what we see falls short of ANY amount of words. THAT is the impact of vision!

17342779_1728986517117577_5305716560953252098_n.jpgRealizing the importance of sight, NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) organized a two-day Eye Camp on 14-15th March, 2017 at NUST Medical Center in collaboration with Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital. On the first day alone, an astounding 600 registrations were recorded. People came in huge numbers for their eye checkup and free eye drops as well as glasses were provided at the spot to them. On-spot requisitions and prescriptions were also handed out. A total of 1403 patients were treated, from which around 350 were given free glasses, while many were given free medicines.

Sadly, most of us want to have everything but don’t want to give anything in return.  If we want to become a great nation, we have to inculcate three things within ourselves; be selfless, preach selflessness and teach selflessness. So let’s come together to aspire to be better today than we were yesterday and appreciate the gift of sight!



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