Orphans Know More – 3rd time’s the charm!

Meet team OKM!

A group of 28 ambitious philanthropists reached Aghosh Orphanage this Saturday, 25th February 2017. After the group of volunteers broke the ice with the little ones there, they kicked off with the main agenda of the visit. The scheduled activities were from two categories; one from a somehow ignored yet crucial one i.e Depiction of Cultural Diversity and the other activities were related to Science and its wonders. During the first phase of the activities, the children were divided into two groups; one group including the younger kids and the other the older ones. The activities were planned in such a way that they befitted the particular age group and their intellect level. The younger lot was taught the concept of density while the older group was shown a video on stars by Waleed to help them understand the concept better.


Under the second category, the kids were handed out printouts of Pakistan’s map and they were supposed to colour all provinces differently following a key. Next, Yousaf Shahid, explained the use and reading method of a key to a map. He emphasized on the significance of different symbols, the boundaries of different provinces, the trail of rivers and what it symbolises.

Following these activities, a small skit was performed by the kids that was written and directed by Ayesha Bilal and Afsah Hassaan. The skit aimed at teaching the kids a lesson regarding unity amongst people belonging to different cultures and diverse backgrounds. The skit started with a scene showing several passengers in a bus depicted by chairs arranged in rows; where nobody wanted to sit beside a person of different ethnicity from their own. In no time, they met an unfortunate accident; in the aftermath of which everyone helped each other irrespective of their different ethnic background. The moral of this skit was that we are all Pakistanis before being Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi or anything else. Once the kids were done with showcasing their acting skills, they were seated down and were shown a presentation on the diversity of cultures in Pakistan; how people belonging to different backgrounds and areas dress, celebrate, grieve, eat, speak and live in general. The goal of the presentation was to alleviate any sense of racial superiority or inferiority that may be present in the kids, appreciate differences and embrace one’s heritage unapologetically.

Lastly, the team said their goodbyes to the kids with a promise of visiting in a matter of no more than two weeks.



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