SOS Cricket Challenge

The Sun had not yet risen up to the horizon when a group of children aged between ten and nineteen, belonging to the SOS Village gathered in the ground next to the School Of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME), welcomed by students from NUST.

Purpose? To play cricket.

The SOS Cricket Challenge was organized by the NUST Community Services Club on Saturday, December 10, 2016. The event started out with a match played between the SOS Village children. A sense of competition wafted through the cool air as both sides tried to outplay and defeat one another. The match ended with refreshments being served to the players.

As the Sun rose to its highest position in the sky, so did the stakes. The SOS children were now going to take on the NUST students. This was a matter of SOS being up against NUST. And so the match started.


SOS began its innings with a smooth batting spell culminating in a target of seventy-one. Soon after, the NUST team began its chase, effortlessly edging closer and closer to the target, only to be stopped dead in its tracks by the SOS bowlers, when three of its proficient batsmen were taken out. The match ended with SOS emerging as the victors.

After the match, the tension in the atmosphere was diffused away as the guests began introducing themselves and interacting with the SOS children. An arm wrestling challenge was also conducted, in which those that lost the cricket matches tried to get rid of their frustration by beating their opponents.


The event ended with the guests being shown around NUST and its departments.

The children had come to NUST eager to play cricket with these people that were strangers. When they stepped out of its gates, they left with hopes of coming back again with smiles painted across their faces by the same strangers that were now thought of fondly as friends and family.







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