NCSC & Chadar Fight Off the Winter Cold

It was a cold Sunday morning, but she had to wake up early. This was the day, as she was told, that a group of students from some university in Islamabad was coming to their town to distribute clothes. She readied her daughter, Ayesha, who was as much looking forward to this visit as she was. They were expected to gather in the house of … Continue reading NCSC & Chadar Fight Off the Winter Cold

NCSC Speaks for Human Rights

All of us, as human beings, are entitled to certain inalienable rights that must be preserved and fulfilled. However, governments the world over are doing a questionable job of upholding these rights, and they need to be held to account for this. At the same time, while we struggle to ensure our rights are not taken away from us in any way, we need to … Continue reading NCSC Speaks for Human Rights

‘Their Little World Of Amusement’

by Numrah Malik Faint chirping of birds, golden rays of sunshine, fallen autumn leaves, a park, an excited bunch of kids, a few volunteers, and some heightened sentiments; the fragments that shaped the OKM visit to Ayub Park on the 15th of December. A cheery ride later as the team exited the bus, they were greeted with warm hugs and handshakes by the children of … Continue reading ‘Their Little World Of Amusement’

Saving the Day, One Pint at a Time!

By Khadija Asad NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) just concluded their second Blood Donation Drive of the year, on Friday, December 7th. The four-day event was the biggest ever organized by NCSC yet, with a record-breaking turnout of donors and a whopping 552 pints collected, breaking last time’s record of 502 pints! Unlike all previous BDDs, this time the Drive was held in collaboration with … Continue reading Saving the Day, One Pint at a Time!