Cloth Donation Drive’20: Of Warm Sheaths

by Zunaira Saadat It was the first week of December. With each elapsing day, the wind turned icy cold, accompanied by long nights and the stillness they brought in. The only words in my mind were: Winter is here. Therefore, being the shopaholic that I am, I availed the free time on hand and set out to gather all the warm sheath I needed against … Continue reading Cloth Donation Drive’20: Of Warm Sheaths

A Building With Tomorrow Inside; Gehwara-e-Aman

by Mariam Yunis Our visit to Gehwara-e-Aman marked the first visit of this year, and it was a memorable one as always! Packed in a bus early in the morning, we were restlessly waiting to reach our destination so we can begin all the activities we had planned for the day. The moment we entered, the familiar sight of children playing, arguing, cribbing about certain … Continue reading A Building With Tomorrow Inside; Gehwara-e-Aman

Al-Qalam: Access to education

by Sana Shafiq What is your favorite childhood memory? Running through streets, riding a bicycle, wind whipping through your hair with the sound of laughter echoing all around in the surroundings; it can be any of those, along with plethora of other options. Though, there is one thing we can all agree upon: Most of our childhood was showered with blessings and sheltered with oblivion … Continue reading Al-Qalam: Access to education

FROODs: A hunger-free future!

by Mominah Asif Not everyone is privileged enough to spend winters in front of the heaters, analyzing the newly out episode of ‘The Witcher’ or discussing how Shahzain turned out to be an absolute villain in ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’. Some people who work tirelessly to ease their lives always stay in the background and are seriously neglected in extreme cold and unbearable heat. While we chew on … Continue reading FROODs: A hunger-free future!

Chiragh: The Flame of Hope and Change

by Mominah Junaid A few Thursdays ago, I tried to think of a name for Baat Cheet’s third installment. This iteration of Fempower’s flagship event was supposed to be the biggest one yet. Having successfully pulled off the event and hosting a renowned entrepreneur and a philanthropist along with women from her organization, I am confident that the name I ended up choosing was the … Continue reading Chiragh: The Flame of Hope and Change

Of Gratitude for NUST’s Unsung Heroes

by Zunaira Saadat Here at NCSC, we aim to spark a light in every heart to feel for the impoverished and those in need. Lending a helping hand and uplifting each other, in every possible way, is the driving force behind each of our events. With this same intent, the project ‘Ehsaas’ came into being, garnering inspiration from “World Kindness Day”. Often in our race … Continue reading Of Gratitude for NUST’s Unsung Heroes

Cleaning the Waste at Islamabad TASTE

by Numrah Malik “It’s only one straw,” said 8 billion people. We are a part of the time that is living amongst dead zones and is facing what threatens to change ecosystems, impact healths, and harm the planet’s biodiversity; plastic and solid waste pollution. In this seemingly uncontrollable circumstance, NCSC collaborated with Muslim Aid, an organization aiming to promote healthier environments, to bring the threats … Continue reading Cleaning the Waste at Islamabad TASTE