The Simple Yet Profound Act Of ‘Giving’

By Arooj Kazmi Your closet is overflowing with clothes; the ones you’ve just bought wait patiently in line. To make room for them, you carefully pluck out a pile of clothes and place them on your bed. Unfold each piece of attire from the pile, and it will tell you a story. You run your fingers through the silken, pink dress that you wore at … Continue reading The Simple Yet Profound Act Of ‘Giving’

Awareness for a Healthier Pakistan

by Khadija Asad The Kidney Health Awareness Camp was held in C1 canopy (facing SADA) on 7th November, organized by NCSC in collaboration with Pakistan Kidney Patients Association (PKPA), a non profit organization aiming to reduce kidney diseases by spreading awareness in the general public and providing free consultation and treatment. The camp offered a lecture on kidney health and free consultation by a healthcare … Continue reading Awareness for a Healthier Pakistan

The Little Things in Life – A Poem

By Uzair Bakhtiar A random act of affection, Is sometimes all it takes, To prevent a broken heart, From turning to gray.   A small act of virtue, Goes a long way, In showering someone with hope, and so shall I pray.   For it is hope that salvages one’s misery, Delivering him from all sorts of anarchy, To the promised land of felicity, How … Continue reading The Little Things in Life – A Poem

Lost in Bloom: More than a Play

By Sana Shafiq The bustling C1 was immersed in zest, soft hues of pink and an eager crowd on 31st October; all to raise awareness about the malady of Breast Cancer among the students of NUST. It was organized under Fempower, the flagship project of NCSC. Before the event day, a stall was set up in C1 to distribute pink ribbons – the international symbol … Continue reading Lost in Bloom: More than a Play

OKM: A Journey of Exploration

By Numrah Malik As you descend down to a building that stands tall at the bottom of an ordinary slope, you find yourself standing in front of a house that many children contentedly call their home. It gives off an air of belonging and its halls echo with cheerfulness. It goes by the name ‘The Aghosh Orphanage’. Of the fortnightly visits to the orphanage, as … Continue reading OKM: A Journey of Exploration

NCSC Blasts Off to New Heights!

by Ahmad Hassan The orientation of NUST’s largest student-run organisation started with a bang. The stage was set, all thanks to team décor. The MOCs were on their marks, the new recruits settling along with their teams, and it was time for kick-off. The hall was alive like one single organism, waiting with bated breath, like the universe before the Big Bang. And there it … Continue reading NCSC Blasts Off to New Heights!